Childbirth International CBE Training Deadlines

CBE Deadlines

I shared in my CBI group that I have been struggling with consistency in my CBE training because of the lack of deadlines.  I need those, otherwise I tend to make other things a priority.  But I really want to do this!

I decided to create a messenger group as a sort of accountability, and someone suggested coming up with our own deadlines and sharing those with the group!  So that’s what this is.  It’s a way to help me move forward in my training.

Here it is!


I will complete ALL readings… including in the printed course book and online.  The online readings are updated since the course book was written so I’m having to navigate that.  The titles listed below are a combo of those readings.  Some of the readings I have already completed, so I won’t include those here.

  • 6th through 12th
    • Planning and Structuring a Course
    • Sample Teaching Plan
    • Active Teaching Skills
  • 13th through 19th
    • Teaching Adults
    • Using Visual Aids
    • Stages of Pregnancy and Positions for Labor Charts
  • 20th through 26th
    • Evaluating Your Teaching
    • Teaching Knowledge Based Topics
    • Teaching Communication
  • 27th through February 2nd
    • Teaching About Parenting
    • Rotational Positioning


  • Carry out a survey of childbirth class options
  • Observe another CBE


  • Read three books and reflect on them


  • Complete first 5 parts of my class
  • Teach my class


  • Complete final 3 parts of my teaching plan, 4th-10th
  • Complete the Business of Birth
    • 11th through 17th- Steps 1-3
    • 18th through 24th- Steps 4-7
  • Request certification


In the midst of this, I will also be researching ways to teach a CBE course online because that will be my main way of doing this since we live so far from town.  I hope to also maybe find some private clients in town if possible.  We’ll see what happens!  I’m excited to truly make this happen, finally!

I will share about all of the books that I have as resources in my next post!  I got like 8 books at a thrift store for $4.  They aren’t all pregnancy/childbirth.  Can’t wait to share!

Stay Tuned…

Deciding to homeschool the kids again and having health issues most of the year so far has definitely put a damper on my studying.

I have a newfound excitement and purpose, though!

I talked with a  sweet friend about not being sure how to teach classes since we live in the middle of nowhere and she reminded me that I have a community here that could really benefit from my services!

Then today I talked with a friend in town, and I’m super excited about some possibilities with her.  We are having a FaceTime meeting tomorrow to talk about some of the details!

I’ll let you know what ends up happening with that, when I can!  It would be late spring/summer before anything can happen, but that gives me plenty of time to study super well and become certified!  It also gives me more desire and motivation to go ahead and have some deadlines.  I have been working on it off and on for a long time.  It’s time to get it completed!

I have been talking to my trainer through Childbirth International this week and she is helping me work out the details of my training.  I am planning to also pursue certification as a Postpartum Doula in addition to the CBD cert.  I’m not sure when I will do that cert, but it’s actually not legally necessary to be certified.  I will be learning a lot about postpartum through my CBE training.

Something cool from the Childbirth International Website that I read today:

“Childbirth International Training is accredited with distinction as a provider of continuing nurse education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC).

ANCC accreditation is a recognition of course and teaching excellence. Through the accreditation process, the ANCC examines a number of areas, including:

  • Structural Capacity: Demonstration of commitment, accountability, and leadership
  • Educational Design Process: Assessment of learning needs, planning, design principles, and evaluation
  • Quality Outcomes: Evaluation of the effectiveness of outcomes, and the value/benefit to professional development”

I’m also going to be reading lots of books and observing some classes.  I’m in the process of figuring out how to do observe classes since I live in the middle of nowhere.  I need to start doing some research on that soon!  I will probably have to drive in to San Antonio.  Luckily I only have to observe 6 hours.

See my About page to learn a little bit more about my experiences!

Body Autonomy: Making Decisions that are Best for You

One of the things that’s super important to me as a childbirth educator is the understanding that everyone has their own choices to make for their pregnancy and birth.  Bodily autonomy is something that I’ve learned over the years.

I had two homebirths and I used to think everyone else should also.  If someone planned to have a c-section for whatever reason, I tried to talk them into a vaginal birth.  I thought I knew better and the only “normal” birth was an unmedicated vaginal birth.

It wasn’t until my good friend (who was my midwife) had to have three c-sections that I realized not everyone can have an unmedicated vaginal birth.  I mean, if anyone wanted that, it’s a midwife, right?  She ended up having to make decisions that were different than her initial plan, but that happens a lot!  Things aren’t black and white.

Over time, also, I realized that it’s not my place to control anyone else or to force anyone else to make a decision that I believe to be best.  What’s best anyway?  There’s no best.  There’s just what works for each of us.

In fact, I take my own experience with breastfeeding into account here.  No matter what I did (and I tried everything), I could never produce enough milk because of insufficient glandular tissue.  At some point, with each baby, I made the decision to stop breastfeeding.  That was my decision to make, and it was because I couldn’t produce enough and it was super complicated to do both.  Some would have continued to do both, and that’s fine!  It just wasn’t the best decision for me or for my family.  We all do the best we can!

I had to choose 3 books from several sections to read and review for my training.  I ended up choosing 4 that I believe will really help me to see lots of perspectives on pregnancy and childbirth along with postpartum complications and teaching women to make decisions for themselves.

That’s my goal as a childbirth educator: Present information on all sides, present the pros and cons of everything, and teach women and couples how to make their own decisions.  Bodily Autonomy.  They get to decide what their birth plan will look like.  They get to decide what happens to their body.  They get to decide if they want interventions or not.

And at the end of the day, if things don’t go as planned, I want them to feel okay with whatever decisions they have to make to overcome.

There is too much guilt in the mommy world and birth and feeding choices shouldn’t cause it.

I have so much compassion for mommies after being a mommy for almost 13 years now (of 3 kids).  It’s the hardest job in the world.